WA’s Preferred Contracting Company

Indigenous Policy

Central Earthmoving Company Pty Ltd trading as Centrals CEM (Centrals) is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to indigenous people.

Centrals is committed to working with local indigenous communities to provide employment opportunities and training where possible.

Centrals recognise that in many cases, people of indigenous background are disadvantaged in the workforce. We aim to enable all employees to develop their skills and competencies to their full potential.

Centrals will:

  • Train our people and provide the necessary resources to meet these responsibilities
  • Respect the social, economic and cultural rights of indigenous peoples
  • Partner with Indigenous Organisation to assist them with the development of skills required to build successful outcomes and self-determination. Seek to share our success by partnering with stakeholders in community development programs
  • Demand leadership in social responsibility from all our people
  • Assess our performance against our policies and standards
  • Respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in our business operations
  • Liaise with local indigenous training organisations
  • Demonstrate available career opportunities to persons of indigenous heritage
  • Promote Centrals to local indigenous communities
  • Provide indigenous cultural seminars to all employees
  • Centrals will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimisation in any form.

Please find the PDF available for download here.