WA’s Preferred Contracting Company


Civil Construction

Centrals have the experience and capability to undertake road construction, bridge upgrades and repairs, and specialist rail projects in urban and rural environments in accordance with proven safety, environmental and quality management systems.

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  • Bulk earthworks, detailed excavation and rock excavation
  • Haul and access road construction and maintenance
  • Highway and road construction, reconstruction and overlay to Main Roads’ specifications
  • Highway and road maintenance and repairs
  • Rail formation and embankment widening
  • Drainage, stormwater and sewerage installation
  • Water reticulation systems
  • Sourcing of local materials and construction water
  • Installation of temporary accommodation and site facilities.


Centrals have the experience and capability to undertake a variety of civil construction, maintenance and services to enhance safe and efficient mine establishment and operations.

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  • Pioneering works including site establishment, mine prestrip, earthworks and drainage
  • Haul and access road construction and maintenance
  • Haulage both above and under ground haulage
  • Crushing and screening services
  • ROM management and primary crusher feed
  • Construction and upgrade of tailings dams, tailings dam lifts and evaporation ponds
  • Full range of complementary services to support site operations
  • Detailed bulk mining operations

Land Development

Centrals have proven capabilities in delivering land development projects throughout Western Australia including:

  • Bulk earthworks and detailed excavation
  • Construction of roads and associated infrastructure
  • Service location and protection
  • Structures installation including retaining walls, noisewalls and fencing
  • Installation and commissioning of service utilities
  • Installation of stormwater facilities
  • Landscaping and urban improvements


Centrals offer a vegetation management service to the construction, infrastructure and land management sectors. We specialise in environmentally-sensitive mechanised mulching and slashing techniques for varying vegetation profiles, from ground level through to high level canopy applications.

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  • Roadside maintenance
  • Fire risk management
  • Infrastructure corridor establishment and maintenance
  • Unexploded ordnance clearing
  • Plantation pruning and clearance
  • Weed management
  • Rehabilitation including contaminated sites
  • Mine site and general land development clearance
  • Removal and respreading of topsoil and vegetation
  • Asbestos removal and disposal